Tania Whiteley Profile


My name is Tania. I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, design educator and occasionally, I’ve been known to wear the ‘baker’ hat, too.

A lifetime of exposure to art and a solid foundation in graphic/ information design, has allowed me to navigate a few different spheres within the visual communication industry. After a brief stint in advertising, I spent almost four years lecturing design at Lisof, South Africa’s leading fashion design school. Late 2013 saw me leap back into the world of advertising as a graphic designer.

Throughout my years of education and experience in the design world, I have gained the confidence to pursue concepts that challenge my creativity and expand upon my knowledge. I thrive off inspiration  that ranges from nature to architecture, film, fashion, and industrial design.

My insatiable need to create, means my hands are never still. When I’m not working on a design project of sorts, you are likely to find me drawing, sewing or baking elaborate treats for my artisan baking business, AllThingsNice.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like my work!

Oh, and here’s my CV and contact details in case you would like to offer me a job, money, ice cream or tickets to see Muse live at the Stade de France.